Remembrance Day and Birthday Too.

Remembrance Day and A Birthday in our house!!!

On Wednesday 11/11/09 was Remembrance Day. We also had Zachery 14th Birthday. My gosh time sure fly’s bye.

I remember going for a two hour car trip to have Zachery. We lived in a small mining town, and the small hospital could not cater for delivery’s (too far if something went wrong). So we set off for the two hour car trip to Mackay. We only got about 1/2 hour into the trip when a truck went by, and a rock hit our windscreen. It completely shattered the windscreen and we had to pull over. My husband David had to get us out of the car, wrap his hand in a big blanket and smash the whole screen out so that we could see the road to continue on.

I was contracting about every 5 minutes and thought I might have it on the side of the road!!!

We arrived at the hospital with bugs in our hair, our glasses so dirty we could hardly see and we were so full of dust/dirt that we must of looked a sight.

I labored all night long, and finally had you by 9.31 am on 11/11/1995. You were so bruised from being such a long labor, and had the whitest hair we had ever seen. So white that it was hard to see if you had any hair. You were and still are gorgeous.

Zachery 14th Birthday

Happy Birthday Zac

Happy 14th Birthday Zachery… were the smallest woody boy born in our family and now you are taller than me, skinny with long legs….

When you were a baby you had the cutest chubby legs ever seen. Now look at you….still very handsome and have the most wonderful nature.

Happy Birthday, and Remembrance Day.

Can’t wait to spend many more birthdays to come with you.

Love you Zachery.

Lisa and David

Mummy and Daddy!!!


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  1. […] We also had David’s parents down for the week just gone, to celebrate Cameron Birthday, and a late Celebration for Zachery 14th Birthday.!!! […]

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