From The Mouths Of Babes

From Our Youngest Woody Boy

He decided to take the washing off the line….with no prompting from any family members…so wish they could stay this age for ever 🙂

Here is how cute he is….From The Mouths Of Babes!!

Did you hear how much he wanted to be paid for his job? !!

From the previous post, we let our kids down again.  We could not find a Halloween costume, the shop that David took the boys to was closed and the other shop had nothing suitable.

Our boys did not like going to school with no costume, and I ended up letting Cameron stay home for the day (that was last Thursday). We really enjoyed having him home.  Kyle got to play with him, under the house creating a “science lab”. Gosh the imagination of the kids is so wonderful.

On Friday I took Zachery out of School for the day and we spent some bonding time together. He is in Year 8 at high School and has had a few weeks of being tired and stressed….This week is Nicholas time….one day this week Nic gets to stay home.  Then I need to find time for Hayden’s day off 🙂

Oh the joys of boys….

So wish that they stayed as cute and innocent as Baby Woody, from the mouths of babes they say the most cutest things…..saying what they want.

From the mouths of Babes….

Mother to five Woody Boys, trying to stay sane while raising them.

Lisa Wood.


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  1. Hi Lisa, just wanted to leave this comment to say how gorgeous Kyle is. Definitely out of the mouths of babes, that’s the sure. Sounds like you’ve got a real entrepreneur on yr hands already. Take care.

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