The Pressure Of Children

The Pressure Of Children…..

Do you ever give in because it is the easiest thing to do? Or go along with their ideas to keep the peace?

I don’t normally like to “Give In” to the Woody Boys demands/ideas but today they have got under my radar and have succeeded. They have won, and they know it.

Our Year 5 Student and our Year 2 Student so want to go to school tomorrow dressed up in a Halloween Costume.

In Australia we don’t make a big thing about Halloween, and have never celebrated the day with a party, or dressing up.

But the school is fund raising for the Year 7 to have a “Graduation Party” so all the kids in the school can arrive dressed up with a gold coin donation.

I normally say “nope, no can do” but lately I have been listening to my seven year old and it breaks my heart to hear how much we don’t participate in.

Sometimes we don’t join in the schools activities because our boys are very sensitive to what is in food (which makes a sausage sizzle day ruled out) or because we are not into joining in because of different reasons. But to hear how much it upsets Cameron to be left out and not part of the crowd….Oh the Pressure Of Children!!!!

So hubby is off to the shops to see what he can purchase for Cameron and Nicholas dress up day at school. Will they be scary and horrible? Yep most likely. Will they ever wear the costume again after tomorrow? Not likely.

Will it make them happy to be joining their friends?

Sure hope so.

What will happen next time the school has another event that they beg me to join in? Will I give in as easily? Not sure…..with food, No Way. With dress Up? I am Under the Influence Of Children….Is that as dangerous as “Under The Influence Of Alcohol?” I personally think it is more lethal!!!


Oh to Be a Kid Again….

What can your children do to get under your radar and fold to their Pressure?

Be great to know that I am not the only Mum out there that is sucked in by their gorgeous smiles, their puppy dog eyes and their way of talking me around.

Trying so hard to stay sane raising five Woody boys!!

Lisa Wood.


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