Sends Chills Down My Spine

This Sends Chills Down My Spine….

And Its my worst night mare, “Toddler Missing In New Zealand”

I have a four year old who is such a free spirit. I have “lost” him so many times…too many times that it makes me feel sick every single time that I think back to the day that I could not find him.

He was under two years of age at the time…and so cheeky. Like a real little monkey. I had him next to me, while I was talking to the nice lady in the office at my sons primary school.

I was watching him while talking.

The wonderful office lady was watching him while talking.

ONE minute he was there. Next Minute he was gone.

I excused myself and went outside, expecting to see him. I looked one way, then the other way. I walked to a nearby classroom that had one of his older brothers in there. Not there.

I went to his favorite spot, the playground.

Nope Not there.

I went to the tennis court.

Nope Not there.

I went down to the Prep Room.

Nope Not there.

I was crying by this stage. There are so many dams nearby, and so many property’s. I even called a friend who lived by, wondering if he remembered how to get to her place and had decided to go there.

Nope NOT there.

I was screaming his name out… loud that I lost my voice within minutes.

I pulled out two of my boys from there class room to help look for him. Two other teachers joined in the search, my friend showed up to help.

We all looked every where.

We all screamed his name.

By this stage 20 minutes had gone by.

I was hysterical, picturing so many different things in my head.

The office lady decided to grab her car keys to hop into the car to go and look for him.

Someone was on the phone to the police. My kids were crying, I was crying, My friend was crying.

For the office lady to get to her car, she had to walk past at least 6 other cars as hers was parked towards the end of the car park. She opens the door and screams.

There was my most gorgeous cheeky monkey sitting in the car, sweat pouring off his face, with a big fat grin on his face.

I turned from where I was standing, and ran. I scooped him up into my arms…crying, laughing, and crying some more.

Why did he go to that car? Why did he get into that car? Why did he not get into any of the other cars?

Not Sure Why.

Why did the office lady decide to get into her car to look, and not one of the other teachers whose cars were closer by?

Not Sure Why.

So very glad that we found him. He was crying, but only because I was crying so much that I think I scarred him. He had also pooped in his nappy because the car was rather warm. So very glad it was not a hot summers day.

From that day on, we brought a “Monkey” teddy that sits on his back. It went everywhere with us, and even had a bell attached so that I could hear where he was.

My thoughts and prays go out to Aisling Symes Parents. Please pray that Aisling is found and her parents can rejoice.

My love is sent to the parents.

Please be safe little one.

Sending Chills Down My Spine.

Lisa Wood


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