Holiday Time Nearly Over

Holiday Time Draws To An End….

Due to feeling so Very Bad about not taking the boys out and about so much over these two weeks holidays, we tried to make up for it, by cramming as much in three days as possible….

  1. Friday Went to the movies to see “G Force”

  2. Picked up our second boy Zachery from the train Station as he had been staying with his grandparents for two weeks (at least he got to have some fun!!)

  3. Had a really yummy dinner, thanks to my amazing Hubby….their wonderful Dad. He even made a Australian  yummy dessert which the boys just loved.

  4. Saturday – Took the oldest to his Cricket game. Watched his cricket game, still do not understand any of it 🙂

  5. In the afternoon we escaped the house and went shopping. Gosh two days in a row with out staying at home, now that is a miracle!!

  6. Sunday. Hubby’s birthday. Damn forget to get him a present (I know. I know. Kick my butt right now).

  7. Cleaned the house up and got it ready in case another great buyer decided to pop on in, and left the house for the afternoon.  Yep You Guessed Right We are Selling our house and moving Closer to the Beach:)

  8. Had a picnic at the boys favorite park, “Platypus Park”.

  9. Watched boys have so much fun, I am sure that is why they are sleeping so well at the moment 🙂

  10. Took hubby and four of our five boys to Bunnings. A dream shop for all boys/men.  Oh ok. I like it too!!

  11. Spent so much time walking around Bunnings dreaming of all the wonderful items we could add to our house, but won’t because we don’t need anything else that will just sit and collect more dust.

  12. Came home and watched Hubby plant his vegetable plants into the veggie patch.

  13. Second oldest boy cooked our dinner, while I made yummy fruit salad.

Two Weeks Crammed Into Three Days!!!

Wow that was two weeks worth crammed into three days. Please accept my deepest apologies boys, I promise next school holidays will be better!!

Here’s to your School Holidays....may they be more filled then ours:)


2 Responses

  1. i think i need a holiday.

  2. hey we could all do holidays together!! Imagine my crazy loud boys meeting up with your sweet girls….now that would be one sweet loud holiday. Be great to have a holiday with you so I could just give you a hug 🙂

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