Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun…..

I would have to say that the last two weeks have been the most boring holidays we have had to date.

No going swimming….No going to the beach, No going out and about.

WHY is that?

Well for our 101 excuses on why we had the most boring two weeks school holidays….

  1. Kyle broke his arm a little over three weeks ago and only got his cast off just a few days ago.

  2. The sand storm made for some interesting inside play time.

  3. We have our house on the market so I need to be here, cleaning it and getting it prepared for any potential buyers.

  4. Our two older boys went away for the first week. One to army cadets camp, the other to Grandma/Grandad, which left the younger three boys at home.  They get on better together with out the constant fighting of all five boys!!

  5. I felt to lazy to organise the three boys to get out the door.

  6. Loved the late morning sleep ins!!

  7. No need to keep to a time frame……No rushing around getting everyone out the door for the school bell (that was sheer bliss)

  8. To tired to worry about where to take them all so that they all enjoyed themselves.

  9. Need to chill out.

  10. Had to get to the hospital for our youngest to have his cast cut off. Which took three hours, because they had us sitting in the wrong waiting room 😦

  11. Not game enough to take three boys out for the day, because everywhere I could think of, Baby Woody might of hurt his arm!!

  12. Felt like it was time for the boys to learn to appreciate more out of life….with them having to find things to do around the house/backyard.

  13. Decided that I need to do some R and R, and made sure all three boys had quiet time in the afternoon.

  14. Just because I felt like doing nothing.

  15. Finally felt so very guilty for not doing anything for two weeks…..took them to see G Force at the Movies.

I have many other 101 reasons for having the most boring school holidays ever……but basically that would take my time to write it all down, and frankly who could be bothered to write that many, and who could be bothered to read that many!!

One thing I could say… G Force has now given my boys more imagination. They are keen to try and see how they can get their Guinea Pigs to become spy’s, and how they can go about making headsets for them to wear so that they can hear them speak……

OH NO, How can I stop that one!!!

Here’s hoping you all had a better fun filled holiday time for you and your family.

Promise boys, that I will make it up to you all next school Holidays.…I promise !!!

Love to you all


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