So Need More Time!!

Wishing For More Hours In The Day!!

Sorry I have not been on here for some time. I am going crazy trying to pack and get the house ready to be on the market.

Our family are slowly accepting that we are moving house, into a new area and changing schools.

Only our older boy is having a hard time accepting that we have to move at all.

The Need To Move?

Its not a case of we have to move, but more of a case that we want to move. David and I have been talking about moving to the beach for a little while, and I have finally got the message through loud and clear that I want to Move SOONER, rather than later!!

Its our oldest boy who is having a really hard time with the move. And I really feel for him.

I totally get how he does not want to move. I totally get how he wants to stay at the same highschool.  I totally get how he is scarred about losing friends, and making new friends.

BUT…..we are trying everything in our power to make the move a bit easier for him.  We are looking at new sporting groups in the Sunshine Coast, new places for him to fit into the area so that he can still be active in his life.

Fingers crossed that when we head up there tomorrow to show him around he gets used to the idea and fulls in love with the lifestyle.

Here’s To Fingers Crossed… understanding and to love.

Sorry its been awhile….but keep me in mind when you are sleeping at night, that David and I are only crawling into bed at midnight each and every night!!

Can’t Wait To Sit On The Beach And Chill With The Kids 🙂

Until next time,

Here’s to your family, sharing time and enjoying life.

Lisa Wood from Woodys Mangosteen Fruit.

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