Bindi Irwin Birthday At Australia Zoo

Bindi Irwin 11th Birthday Party.

On Friday Australia Zoo celebrated Bindi Birthday. So I took my three younger boys to the Zoo to help celebrate the day.

Bindi is sure growing up…and Bob is just amazing. He had a “Normal” boys tantrum when it was revealed that he was not allowed to feed the crocodiles…so cute!!

Here is just a short film from the day

Great to see Terri smiling again…and I am sure Steve is smiling down from above, proud as punch at how amazing his family are.

Steve Irwin, a true Australian legend.

Steve Irwin, a true Australian legend.

Here’s To Steve Irwin…RIP Mate…CRIKEY:)

Bindi 11th Birthday Party

Bindi 11th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Bindi

Family is so important, here’s to you and your family



2 Responses

  1. Boy, Bindi is sure growing up, just hope tht she doesn’t flunk her acadamics, God Bless.

    • thanks for your comment. She is growing up very quickly. I am sure her mum/teachers will keep her up to date with her studies!!


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