Kids…To Be More Precise, Boys!!!

Today was not the best day ever.

It started off with being a great day, and then soon went out the door…. until I just wished that the day could be started all over again.

I was woken by two beautiful boys, Hayden and Zachery going out the door to the movies.  They kissed me good bye so I jumped out of bed and got the day started.

Baby Sitting.

It was going to be a different day from one of my normal every day to day…I needed to baby sit for a beautiful friend. Which in itself is not any thing different in our house. I normally end up with one or two kids extra on a regular basis. I think because we already have five kids, that friends think we can handle any extras. Which is so true….I prefer to have extras in the holidays because it takes away the fighting going on between my five.

But this was not a everyday baby sitting job. Today was different….Today I had the pleasure of baby sitting a gorgeous horse. I have been on this gorgeous horse many times, and he is just a dream to ride. So smooth and so full of grace. But today was not a good day. He was very sick….so sick that I spent most of my day trying to get him to drink water. I followed him around with a water bottle full of Mangosteen Fruit Juice, a dish of water, and a watering can.  I poured the water into my hand, I even brought over the other horses to show him that the water was yummy. NOTHING worked. I could not get him to drink…..

Nothing Worked

All day I tried and tried to get him to drink water….I pleaded, I asked, I even followed him around….but nothing would entice him to drink.

I spent over an hour just brushing his coat….a coat that was hiding the fact that all his bones were showing through. All of his muscle and shinny coat was gone. The feeling coming from the horse was not good….even baby woody who is four, picked up that the horse was really sick.

Out of the Mouths of Babes.

NOT sure how this works….but Kyle Wood said to me today “mum, that horse just let me know he is feeling really bad….His not well Mum”.  He is only four but his words stopped me in my tracks.

He was right.

Late this afternoon the Vet was called again. The most beautiful horse was no longer able to stand.  He was swaying from leg to leg….his heart rate was way above 90, and for a horse that was huge. It should not be above 45.

The vet was able to check him over one last time.  His liver had packed it in….and there was nothing they could do. I was not there when the horse was put to rest, but was called back just after….to give my goodbyes.

It was a bitter sweet goodbye….I knew that he was in a better place, but why did he have to be in the situation where going to sleep was kinder for him…..

Makes you question life all of over again…

Then to top the day off, my boys get home from going to the Movies…To tell me that they were pushed around at the bus stop this morning trying to get on the bus. And then on there way home, the same boys tried to chase them down.

I was not in a good mood by then…so I let loose. I walked down to the end of the road and told the two boys and there two girlfriends what for…

Of course they laughed in my face and said “They were looking forward to hitting my boys again”…..I was so close to hitting them, really close…

I rang the police but of course there is not much they can do….We need to attend the police station and make a statement, and let the police see what they can do. But because the boys are under age (and they know that) the police hands are tied.


Here’s to a better day from here on in….

Here’s to your Kids!! Here’s to trying to stay sane raising five boys!!

Lisa Wood

from Woodys gomangosteen


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