Birthday Boys

Birthday Boys…..

Two Birthday in one Month for the Woody’s Boys….

Interesting enough our first Boy was born 15 years ago on the 17th June, and our baby Woody was born 4 years ago on the 11th June.

It was not planned that way, it just happened. With all five of my babies, they came overdue. Hayden was meant to be born at the end May or early june. Kyle was meant to be born Mid May to late May but came on the 11th June!!!

So on Wednesday just gone I am feeling very old as my first born baby turned 15. I can remember the day he was brought home from the hospital, all wrapped up in as many blankets as possible because it was winter time down south and it was cold.

There was no birthday party planned this year because “Mum that’s for little Kids!!!” But there was still a nice dinner and cake.

Now he is taller then me, with Muscles because he plays so much sport and works out in the gym….my how time fly’s!

Here is the birthday boy…with his favourite Cheesecake as his birthday cake….

Birthday boy turns 15.

Birthday boy turns 15.

A very rare moment in deed…all five boys in one photo together:)

Because I have recently being following another gorgeous family “The Spohrs are Multiplying” with their beautiful Maddie, I now treasure family time more than ever.

I will never have a daughter of my own, but don’t feel sorry for me as I have five gorgeous boys that are healthy, happy and full of life.

Sweet Maddie has made me realise the important day to day events in life, like taking more photos, treasuring more hugs and having more kisses.

Even though he turned 15, I still asked for a birthday Hug from Hayden and a kiss. Which he did but was mightly embrassed about!!!

Hayden with baby woody!!

Hayden with baby woody!!

Love you boys to bits, even when you are so active that you are driving me nuts!!!

Happy 15th Birthday Hayden.

Stay Safe, Well, Happy, Healthy and With a Smile…Till Next time

Lisa Wood

From Woody’s

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