Time Out!

Trying to stay sane this week….with Time Out

For Me or for the boys? Well….sometimes I think that I need time out more than the boys need it.

Isn’t it funny how until you have children, what you think and how you act is different without children, compared to when they are here and have a mouth to speak with.

When I was pregnagnt with my first, I swore that I would never smack them, never raise my voice, and understand my baby better than I was ever understood.

If only I had the insight that I have now!! When a fourteen year old (almost 15) is speaking the way that I do not agree with, well staying calm is almost impossible. Gotta love teenagers.

Its Time Out for Mum!! Gee all I ask is that he has a shower before Dinner, as he really does smell after a full on day at school. You would think that I am cutting off his leg.!!!

It starts out with the looks, and then the back chatter and then more looks.

It ends with me saying “ENOUGH…already. Get in the Shower or I will have your mobile phone for a week”

Why does get to that stage?

This woman says it all…..I just wished I could say it like this….

Will have to smile and play this for Hayden….

Teenagers….give me a baby any day. They Smile, feed, Sleep and Burp…just like a teenager but there is one huge difference – They Can’t Talk Back!

Love you boys but gee I so will be smiling when you have your own.

Time Out for Mum is needed this week.

Take care to all Mums with Boys, Smile it will help when you are pushed against the wall.

Till next time

Lisa Wood

Woody’s Gomangosteen.com


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