Playgroup Time

Playgroup Time

I love going to Playgroup, I think even more than my kids!! With our first Woody Boys I went on a regular basis. Every Thursday I went with Hayden and Zachery to a playgroup in Mackay, and then with Baby Nicholas.

With Cameron I was very slack, I hardly went at all because we moved when he was just learning to crawl.

Then our fifth Woody came along and I have been going on and off for over the last three years. There never seems to be enough time in the day or week to achieve all I need to achieve. But this year I am making more of an effort to get to playgroup each Tuesday so that Baby Woody will have more time with children his own age:)

It does mean Morning rush Hour, which as you know is my pet hate. But sometimes in life there is times when I need to sacrifice my needs for the benefit of our children.

Good friends are also hard to find, when there are already so many woody boys in one house, the baby seems to be left out!!

Now that we have sent back two children to school (we homeschooled two of them last year) I also feel that Playgroup is important for our youngest of the house. He really enjoys going, and seeing his friends. Kyle is very gentle, and because he does have to share all of his toys at home, it has payed off because he also shares with his friends.

He has a heart of gold, and I can only hope that he continues on through his growing years, especially the teenage years.

Here is Baby Woody with his Favorite hat, His Very Own Xango Hat:)

The Youngest Woody smiling at playgroup

The Youngest Woody smiling at playgroup

Giving his Mum Flowers....How sweet are you?

Giving his Mum Flowers....How sweet are you?

Playgroup Time is where Baby Woody has me to himself!!

Love you boys….even when you are cheeky:)

Lisa Wood.


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