Its A Caravan World!

Caravan show in Brisbane.

Yesterday (Monday 8th June) David and I took four of the Woody Boys to the Caravan Show In Brisbane.

Where we got to drool over all the wonderful caravans. We got to see the good, the bad, the ugly and the down right tacky. There was such a variety of quality of vans. From going inside to the top of the line, to the next shed where the vans are massed produced so they lack detail. To heading outside where the vans are budget line, and it shows.

The first shed had the best of the best of all of the Caravans. Top quality, with fine precise details. Quality layouts, Quality fittings and quality material. You can see that the Caravans have been given special attention, right down to how the wielding  looked on the outside.  Caravans in that shed cost more, but you know that you are getting the top of the line that will last forever.

Woody Boys Delights.

Our four Woody boys were in heaven….in and out of every single van they came across. It was like watching them looking for chocolate at Easter time. They were so hyped up, checking out the layouts, comparing the one they saw to the one before. It was actually very funny to watch and see their faces. We soon could tell which ones they liked compared to which ones they did not like!!!

Kyle and Cameron even got to have balloons made into shapes from a balloon guy while we checked out the Surf Life Savers prize that was on display. A huge Truck with a fifth wheeler, that is going to be drawn on the 17th June, which the Woody’s are going to win because Cameron brought a ticket.

Oh I forgot to mention that. Cameron wins no matter where we go or what we do. If there is a ticket for a raffle, and it has his name on it, then he almost certainly wins it!!!

He wins raffles at school, CD’s from Paul Blackburn The Mental Toolbox Workshop, chocolate from that competition at the moment where every mars bar has one in six win (he won three in one day)  and lots more. He has the Secret Working for him. He tells us “Mum/Dad I am going to win this….” He tells everyone…”I am very lucky”.

Here are some photos from The Caravan Day Out…..

Gym (locker room) made out of a caravan

Gym (locker room) made out of a caravan

I took this photo for my older son Hayden…he is sport mad but could not come with us on Monday because he had to go to work. Its a Retro Caravan Turned into a trophy/gym/locker room.

Here are Four of the Woody Boys:)

Cameron Woody (was meant to be our baby!)

Cameron Woody (was meant to be our baby!)

Baby of the Woody's with his dog Balloon. Baby of the Woody’s with his dog Balloon.
Nicholas Wood

Cheeky Grin Nicholas Wood

Woody Teenager Who does not like the Camera!!

Woody Teenager Who does not like the Camera!!

Did You get to see the Caravan Show In Brisbane?  What was your favorite Caravan?

Stay Safe, Happy and Well, and keep on smiling.

It’s the only way to stay Sane while Raising five boys!!

Lisa Wood:)

The Woodys are Online with Mangosteen. To improve your health and finances join us for more information:)


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